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GRASSHOPPER by Tatiana Ukhova is a fascinating wordless picture book that explores both the beauty and ruthlessness of the animal kingdom through a young girl’s day in nature. We are taken on a journey of a child observing and interacting with the little creatures around her. When she accidentally hurts a grasshopper, she does everythingContinue reading “GRASSHOPPER”

Sour Cakes

Ironically, Sour Cakes by Karen Krossing, is incredibly sweet! The story of a sister trying to help her younger sister through her dark and gloomy day, this book explores mental health, creativity, empathy, and kindness. Feeling sour and holding space for these emotions can be okay! And at the same time, feeling stuck in thatContinue reading “Sour Cakes”

Giju’s Gift

I’ve spent a lot less time reading graphic novels than I have picture books. But, I’ve recently had some shared with me and have been impressed with the quality and storytelling – and Giju’s Gift is one of those. Giju’s Gift – Adventures of the Pugulatmu’j, is written by Brandon Mitchell, illustrated by Veronika Barinova,Continue reading “Giju’s Gift”

Earth Day book list!

I thought I’d share some Canadian published, authored, or illustrated books that are perfect for Earth day with your students or kids. PERCY’S MUSEUM by Sara O’Leary and illustrated by Carmen Mok- a child moves from the city to the country, and soon discovers that there’s lots to appreciate and explore. WE ALL PLAY byContinue reading “Earth Day book list!”

Grumble Yawn

A few weeks ago I posted about the first book in this board book series, Swish Slosh – all of the sounds of the day! This is the newest one, Grumble Yawn, featuring all of the sounds of the night – getting ready for bed, lying down to sleep… and getting out of bed aContinue reading “Grumble Yawn”

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